artwork – SCHWANITZKI – contemporary photographic artist – digital creator – NFTart

artwork – SCHWANITZKI – contemporary photographic artist – digital creator – NFTart

digital creator: SCHWANITZKI
artwork: photographic artwork / #NFTart
NFT on sale at: OPENSEA >>
based in: hamburg


SCHWANITZKI was my nickname many years ago. I decided to bring this name back on the surface, when I thought about new photographic artwork – published as NFTs (exclusive as NFTs!). I wanted to create a break to my former published photography. Also demonstrating that my NFTs will be no recycling of former artwork.

A new idea of creating, a new way of publishing, an exclusive way of selling.
There will always be only a edition of two – the NFT for sale and my own artist print.
(Still in the NFT learning phase – I guess next time I have to create an edition of two – in sale only the one (1/2) for the art market, the other one (2/2) my own, not in sale)

My first created series should be minimum a number of 5 -outer space portraits- No. 1 is the here shown -xoneniume- the
shooting was just days ago, beginning on October 20th

  • minted 2021.10.22
  • listed for auction 2021.10.24 at OPENSEA >>

For the reason of trouble with „To get set up for auction listenings for the first time, you must approve the token . . .“ when using
a minimum bid – I start my very first auction with

  • minimum bid of 0 ETH
  • frozen metadata
  • edition of 2 / one is artist print

So this is the chance to become the first NFTcollector of SCHWANITZKI artwork with an early bird advantage . . .
About the artwork:

-xoneniume- and all fellows in this series will be created out of photography taken only by myself out of this world to visualize a vision of creatures out of another world . . . planned is a minimum of 5 portraits

It is an NFT digital artwork, but nevertheless the owner as the opportunity the make a fine-art-print of the original file. Therefore the artwork is produced as JPG size is 12250×12250 px / 300 ppi ( 103,72 x 103,72 cm / 40,83 x 40,83 inch ).
Perfectly fitting to produce locally a 100×100 cm ( 39.37×39.37 inch ) print on canvas as a mural.
So I am proud to introduce -xoneniume- the No. 1


xoneniume – no. 1 of outer space portraits – NFT by SCHWANITZKI

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