artwork -URESEXTUS- by SCHWANITZKI – contemprorary photographic artist – digital creator – NFTartist

digital creator: SCHWANITZKI
genre: photographic artwork / NFTart / cryptoart
minted: 20211230 at POLYGON / MATIC
NFT on sale at: OPENSEA >>
based in: Hamburg

About the artwork:
OUTER SPACE PORTRAITS is a series of photographic artwork – specially created as NFT edition only – edition of 2 each – two is artist print – never published before.
The first NFT artwork edition by SCHWANITZKI ever. The artwork is a vision of extraterrestrial life created with SCHWANITZKIs own photography out of our real life world – so it is composed not computer generated.
The first created series should be at minimum a number of 5 OUTER SPACE PORTRAITS – no. 6 URESEXTUS was shot as the last creative work in 2020 (no. 4 is on hold) minted December 30 2021.

The story behind:
URESEXTUS is created with different shots taken of fairground attractions at the HAMBURGER DOM by SCHWANITZKI.

It is an NFT digital artwork, but nevertheless the owner as the opportunity the make a fine-art-print of the original file.
Therefore the artwork is produced as PNG size is 12250×12250 px / 300 ppi ( 103,72 x 103,72 cm / 40,83 x 40,83 inch ). Perfectly fitting to produce locally a 100×100 cm (39.37×39.37 inch ) print on canvas as a mural.


uresextus – no. 6 of outer space portraits – NFT by SCHWANITZKI

SCHWANITZKI is the artist name of a Berlin University of the Arts (HDKB / UDKB) studied digital creator.
He worked in the advertising business and still as a photographer. In the last years digital artwork is in his focus.
Now he started to create a special series to be first released as NFTs.
SCHWANITZKI was a nickname many years ago. He decided to bring this name back on the surface, when he thought about new photographic artwork published as NFTs (exclusive as NFTs). He wanted to create a break to his former published photography.
Also demonstrating that these NFTs will be no recycling of former artwork. A new idea of creating, a new way of publishing, an exclusive way of selling.
There will always be only an edition of two – the NFT for sale and the one artist print on hold.
On sale at OPENSEA >>

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