W1 CURATES presents DISRUPTION – 33NFT – Cozomo de‘ Medici – until OCT 20th – LONDON – inspiration

creation: digital art – #cryptoart – #NFTart
subject: #NFTcollections by 33NFT and The Medici Collection
exhibition: DISRUPTION
location: W1 CURATES – London
timing: until 20th October 2022
web: https://www.w1curates.com/


. . . screen is the new canvas . . .

Therefore I would like to point to W1 CURATES institution (just to avoid the word „gallery“) – „dynamic digital canvases, three stories high“ and for sure inside, right in the middle of hight street – 161-167 Oxford St – London W1D 2JP – get your impressions here:



Currently hosting the exhibition DISRUPTION #NFTart by two of the „big“ anonymous owned #NFTcollections featuring artist like @XCOPYART @beeple @_KidEight Tyler Hobbs and so on . . .


„Together with 33NFT & The Medici Collection, we join forces to showcase some of their collection, including the grails of the crypto and digital art movement.”

33NFT is an anonymous NFT collector, owner of over 1,000 rare pieces of digital art and whose reputation is synonymous with the following three words: Trust. Friendship. Commitment.

Cozomo de‘ Medici is a pseudonymous digital art collector, investor, and thought leader who has become one of the most popular and prominent names in the NFT community.“

. . . one more interior view . . .


By the way – for the photography interested – W1 CURATED also featured in the past David LaChapelle:


see YOUTUBE video:


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